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Silver Shampoo "Higher and Higher" LP+7"

$5.00 - On Sale

the debut album by denton texas' silver shampoo. lost adolecence trips through the sweet and psychotic.

In stores 4/5 on a WYR? off shoot called Krazy Punx. FOKP FONO. but available much sooner through this website.



"Jethro Skull" is the debut EP from Texas party-rockers/mini-bike gang Silver Shampoo. The A-side consists of the title track "Jethro Skull" and "Contest". It's our estimation that many a silent night in neighborhoods across America will be interrupted by the drunken slurring of "Jeeettthhhhrrrooooooo Skkkkkkuuuulllll".

The B-side includes "Sonny Barger" and "Dogs". These are both subliminally sublime garage pop gems. "Sonny Barger" is a concise little masterpiece of bass slides, twinkling piano and "B-B-B-B-Barger" chants. "Dogs" is a sure favorite with pet lovers and simple math lovers alike.

Get on your bike and RIDE!"