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WYR? Fuzz Pedal By Stromer Mu-Troniks

Image of WYR? Fuzz Pedal By Stromer Mu-Troniks


WYR? Fuzz guitar pedal.

Made by Stromer Mu-Troniks.
Art by Bjorn Copeland
Printed by the Circadian Press.
Edition of 10

"For those that dig a bit of crazy fuzz with your cornflakes I received a super fuzz guitar pedal from the gifted and charming ake stromer (with umlat wherever that button is) from sweden and its blowng my mind! I'm having not only too much too dream on the great banana hoax but also my tv eye is on a rolleroaster while walking with jesus -if you know what i mean then you know what i mean.. so all fuzzheads out there who wanna bolster there britches i heartily recommend getting in contact with said magician who is on facebook somewhere close to here and order one from him... this is alike an advert but its not.. im almost looking forward to playing a gig so i can damage your fuzzdrums." David Feck, Comet Gain.

Product ships Mar 31.